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Silver Age

Calvus – long time no see.
When I quit smoking last fall   
my sense of smell improved.
Gaius, who doesn’t admire your kindness
to servants and senators?
I’ve never heard you raise your voice.
Nobody can beat your prices, Lynceus,
you assert with some passion. 
My vices run in other gutters.

You shouldn’t live in the past, Marius.
When Laevina takes office
she’s having her Cambridge friends killed.

“For too long I’ve been
Time-Warner’s holy fool,”
Callimachus exclaims.

The bonsai soul of Lygdamus
exfoliates in Gallery Rasa’s
barely moving air of wistful refinement.

The senior partner at that window
sees her reflection, Corinna,
not the darkness beyond it.

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